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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities

NFL Players Camp


Meet Daniel & Julian Aug 18, 2016

When Daniel joined St. Coletta, he was quiet and reserved and found it
difficult to adjust to new tasks. He is very methodical and he preferred to work on tasks that he was familiar with. Since joining the program, Daniel has really taken to working with the fused glass products. He’s applied his precision and cautious nature to the glass projects and has prevailed. Daniel loves the glass studio and is very positive with his peers. He has become more vocal and provides advice and directions if his peers need help. Overall he’s very happy and has even come up with new project ideas with glass and clay. He’s surpassed our expectations and continues to grow each day!
In the beginning, Julian struggled with the structure of a work day and breaks and needed to learn vocational skills. In just the last year of being with St. Coletta, he has been working on his weaving skills and has become more independent and driven. Julian likes to start a project and see
it through to fruition, and seeing others accomplish tasks encourages him to work harder. Coming to work makes Julian feel proud and his goals are to “save the world” and “learn as much as possible!” We’re very proud of Julian and thank the St. Coletta community for making this kind of success possible.
Daniel and Julian are seeing possibilities beyond disabilities, will you help them continue? We welcome you to donate at or shop with us at

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