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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities

  • Physical therapist Lauren Fery spots student Kamille Davis
  • Sharon Ambrose
  • St Coletta Collections logo, display of handmade items - Each purchase helps provide opportunities to adults with disabilities.
  • St Coletta Building
  • Michael Graves - Special Education By Design Video

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The mission of St. Coletta of Greater Washington is to serve children and adults with intellectual disabilities and to support their families. At St. Coletta we believe in the immeasurable value of the individual human spirit and the right of each individual to live as full and independent a life as possible. We respect the dignity of all persons entrusted to our care and our goal is to serve them in an atmosphere that encourages their talents, celebrates their successes and builds their self-esteem.



Our students have been busy with their career-based training in the community. We’re excited to announce that our vocational program has expanded and we now have a partnership with Atlas Performing Arts Center, the Hill Center, and DC United.


We are delighted to have had you on this journey with us from the
inception of St. Coletta Shops. Our journey is continuing as Coletta Collections...

Daniel weaving

When Daniel joined St. Coletta, he was quiet and reserved and found it difficult to adjust to new tasks. He is very methodical and he preferred to work on tasks that he was familiar with. Since joining the program...


This school year, St. Coletta’s choir received a lovely surprise visit from War & Treaty, the dynamic band consisting of Michael Trotter Jr., a male vocalist who plays the keyboard, Tanya Blount Trotte, a female vocalist who plays the tambourine, and Thillman Benham, a cello player.

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