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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities

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What People Are Saying

St. Coletta changes the lives of not only our students and adults, but their families and communities too.

Not only do our students and adults have the opportunity to learn and develop their talents, but they love coming to school or their adult program and being part of the St. Coletta community.

Here's what just a few people say St. Coletta means to them:

“I am very grateful that St. Coletta is in the district. I really appreciate the peace of mind I have knowing that my son is in a place where the teachers and staff show how much they care for all the students! Thank you for creating such a wonderful setting for the children!”

Christina Hamilton

“Molly loves St. Coletta. She's happy to get on the bus every morning. She has friends. We were so happy to know that we'd found a place where people understood Molly.”

Molly's Mother, Lauren Cooper


“I am so thankful for St. Coletta and all the staff. You all are so caring and for that I am truly grateful. Kwenton loves coming to school even though he can't tell me, he shows with that smile of his. His aide will never know how much she is loved by our family. The care and attention she gives is off the chart.”

Wanda Graves

“I cannot express my gratitude towards your dedication and devoting service for my son. I am very grateful for him to be exposed to you, people that try to care and love him for who he is. I deeply appreciate all that you do, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Veronica Aneke


“It is great to know that I can send Jonathan to school to work with staff who love their jobs. Rare are the mornings that Jonathan is not smiling as I dress and tell him he's going to school. He loves his teachers and is excited to get on the bus each morning. As parents, we are excited that Jonathan has a great team helping him achieve his full potential.”

Sandra Thomas

2003 - Sharon B. Raimo is one of the Washingtonian Magazine's Washingtonians of the Year

2004 - Sharon B. Raimo wins the Washington Post's Distinguished Educational Leadership Award

2005 - Selected by the Washingtonian Magazine as one of the 40 best charities for children.

2006 - Chair's Humanitarian Award from the Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities for "Bringing high education standards to District of Columbia special education students through innovative and creative means.”

What does St. Coletta mean to you?

Tell us in your own words what St. Coletta means to you.