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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities

Fused Glass Piece



Daniel weaving

When Daniel joined St. Coletta, he was quiet and reserved and found it difficult to adjust to new tasks. He is very methodical and he preferred to work on tasks that he was familiar with. Since joining the program...


This school year, St. Coletta’s choir received a lovely surprise visit from War & Treaty, the dynamic band consisting of Michael Trotter Jr., a male vocalist who plays the keyboard, Tanya Blount Trotte, a female vocalist who plays the tambourine, and Thillman Benham, a cello player.

Two Students

Did you see that St. Coletta’s building in the District of Columbia
was named #1 on the list of top ten buildings in Washington, DC that you must see by the Washington Post?

AndewAndrew Walters is best known around St. Coletta’s Rockville Adult Program for his creative writing and charming personality, but this wasn’t always the case. Meet Andrew and learn more about his journey with autism.

VideoThis month we are celebrating Sharon's twenty years of visionary leadership and commitment to children and adults with intellectual disabilities at St. Coletta.

Getting around the Metro system is no easy task. There are the fares, the maps and the trains. Now imagine trying to navigate all that as young person with a disability. It's a lot to figure out. But one Metro employee is lending a helping hand to make it easier.

Never does Stephanie feel more free than when she is zooming around the ice rink at top speed. Her feet glide confidently beneath her, and the wind makes her cheeks rosy. She has a big grin. For the few seconds that she is racing, she has the determination of a speed skater trying to reach the finish line.

When we find that we can no longer fit all our children or adults with intellectual disabilities into the current space for their particular program, we know we are doing something right.

Wes Koehne is best known for his collection of Crane themed tapestries.   His work is featured in art galleries and the lobbies of prestigious office buildings across the Metropolitan area.   One of his pieces is even on permanent display at Wetlands International in Switzerland.

Students talking to a fireman

Don't be surprised if you run into a group of St. Coletta students in your neighborhood this year.

Graduation At St. Coletta's graduation, it is hard to tell who is most excited—the graduates, their moms and dads, or their teachers and therapists.

Student DancingHip Hop is hot this spring at St. Coletta's. You may be surprised to see what an impact music and movement makes in our students' lives.