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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities

A Tribute to Sharon Ambrose


Last Saturday I lost a true friend and St. Coletta lost a fearless champion. Our dear Sharon Ambrose died after a very long and heroic struggle with many health issues. Through all the years that I have had the privilege of knowing her I have found her to be kind, loyal and wickedly smart.
She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband, Mike, taught us all what it really means when we pledge to each other that we will be there “in sickness and in health”. Her children are a tribute to her and her grandchildren were her great joy.
Sharon lived a life of public service. She served on the City Council for a decade. She was devoted to the District of Columbia and particularly to Ward Six. We have so many projects here that we can be grateful to her for promoting. Most particular to me, of course, is St. Coletta.
When I was approached in 2000 by Mayor Williams to start a school for the District’s most vulnerable children Sharon was the first person I called. She said that she would find me a suitable location and she did. She then fought to secure that location through all the many political maneuverings and community divisions. After her time on the council she graciously agreed to join the Board of Trustees where her advice proved invaluable. She was our true champion and we will be forever in her debt.
Sharon was the size of a pixie with same sprite like humor and light touch. But she had the heart of a lion. She was fiercely loyal to all those she loved and all the causes dear to her. You would cross her at your peril.
All of us who knew her have lost so much with her passing but we have gained so much more by being in her company for all these years. Hers was a beautiful life well lived. So we don’t mourn her; we celebrate her and remember her and honor her.

Sharon B. Raimo, CEO