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Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities



Swimming in Rockville Aug 9, 2012

Loren is quite athletic. Despite her small frame, she is a power lifter and trains for track and field competitions with Special Olympics.   But I think her favorite part of the week comes on Monday and Thursday afternoons when she goes swimming with the other participants at our adult program in Rockville.

In fact, I'm sure Loren and our other 14 regular swimmers wouldn't mind going to the pool every day, especially during these hot August afternoons, because they always have so much fun.   And really is there a better way to keep cool?

Loren has a great sense of humor, and when she and fellow swimmer Rachel get together smiles abound and soon most everyone is laughing.   It‘s a great way for all our adults to be able to relax with their friends.


It also enables our adults to be out in their community and practice a variety of important skills.   We swim at the Montgomery County Aquatic Center and everyone learns pool etiquette and how to interact with other swimmers.

The pool is accessible for everybody.   There is a ramp into the pool and special wheelchairs that can go right into the water.   The water is really freeing for our participants with physical disabilities.

It's also a fun way for everyone to get exercise.   Some of our participants grab a kickboard or swim laps, while others take advantage of the water slide, and one of the two waterfalls.   The time in the pool, along with the walk back and forth, keeps hearts pumping and muscles moving.


Our swimming outing requires everyone to practice a variety of daily living skills too.   For instance, each person packs his or her swim bag, changes in and out of swim suits and washes their beach towels and clothing when they get back to our Rockville center.   It's an activity that encourages independence and builds confidence. This helps our adults succeed in other activities.

Rachel, for instance, works part time at Giant and takes the Metro by herself. She also creates glass gifts for our shops. Loren works at our Rockville shop and is always looking for an opportunity to help someone else.

Because of your support, we are able to help our adults see possibilities beyond their disabilities by making sure their life is full of meaningful and fun activities.

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